Yankee / Northerner Dictionary – Translating the Yankee Language into English

Ah: The letter in the Alphabet between Q and S.

Bah : A Place that serves alcoholic beverages.

Baya: Ferocious brown or black animal.

Beah: Malt alcoholic beverage.

Bahn: Place on a farm where hay is stored.

Baya Ahms: 2nd amendment.

Bzah: A strange or odd occurrence.

Caa: Also called an automobile.

Cahn: Yellow vegetable that comes on a cob.

Caamel: Candy center of many chocolate bars.

Chowdah: Soup made from Clams, milk, and buttah.

Connah: Where streets intersect.

Fah: Not near a persons current location.

Fahk: Used to east Pahster.

Fiah: The spontaneous combustion of wood or anything flammable.

Flowahs:  What they plant in gardens.

Gahden:  A place where flowahs are planted.

Hahbah: What they dumped tea into in 1773.

Hahd:  not soft.

Hahvaad: Preppy college in Boston.

Heah: What ears do.

Khakis: What you start a car with. Normally kept on a chain.

Lar Afface: A place where lawyers work.

Likkah: an alcoholic beverage.  “Hahd Likkah”

Nawtheastah: Storm that blows in from the wattah.

Owwah: Sixty consecutive minutes.

Pahk: Place to take the kids.  Also, something you do before leaving a car.

Pahster: Italian noodles like spaghetti, ziti, macaroni.

Pastah: The leader of a church.

Pichaas: Person in the game of baseball that throws to the batter.

Shuah: Another way to say yes.

Shot: Not tall.

Wof: A dock type structure.  Normally found in a Hahbah.

Wottah: Liquid also known as H2O.

Yeah: A 365 day period.

Yuut – A young person.