First things first.  This is a joke site.  It is meant to make you laugh.  Remember, we all do, say and believe things that make others laugh at us.  It is all part of being human. By the way –  

What do Northerners use for birth control?  Their personalities.

Welcome to .  The internet’s largest collection of Yankee Jokes, Northerner Jokes,  New Englander Jokes, Calvinist Jokes and Philosophy Major Jokes.

It has always been difficult to find jokes about people from the North. There is simply nothing funny about being a Yankee.  We have created this site to give our northern neighbors something to cheer them up  while they are digging their car our of 5 feet of snow at 5 am or while they are stuffed into a subway car with 100 good natured friends. 

If you want to know how to “Annoy a Northerner” , besides just existing, we have a post for that.  If you are interested in  “How to know if you are a Northerner”, we have a post for that. If you are planning a move away from the north, which most are, then we have “Tips for Yankees Moving South”.  If you are just wondering, “What is that Yankee saying?”, we have a post for that too.  We also have the latest information on Yankee DNA Research.

This information is provided as a public service in an effort to bring our two cultures closer together through humor.  Simply put, we don’t just want to laugh at you, we want to laugh with you.

We also have jokes about Calvinists which is basically a religious Yankee and Philosophy Majors which is sort of like a lazy Yankee. If you have any jokes to add to our collections please feel free to leave them as a comment.