More Pranks and Practical Jokes to Pull on Yankee Neighbors

Top 10 Best Pranks and Practical Jokes to pull on Yankee and New Englander neighbors.

Some Yankees are tough.  They grow up in the midst of crime and corruption.  Oftentimes a few pranks are not going to be enough to make them leave town.  That is why we have started Volume 2 of our mean things to do to Yankees.  Once they are back with their own kind they will thank you for taking the time to help them. 

Note – harassment or damaging someones property is obviously illegal and can get you into trouble.  Remember that Yankees love to sue people. (Disclaimer – these are meant to be jokes to read and laugh at only.)

Take an old suitcase and fill it full of stacks of paper that has been cut to the exact size of dollar bills.  Now, take real dollar bills and make them the first bill in each stack.  Lay this next to your Yankee neighbors car.  Now take some baggies of powdered sugar and lay a couple near the case.

Go to a pet shop and buy a nice dog collar and leash. Then, the next time you see a dead dog in the road, attach the leash and collar to the dead animals neck.  Attach the whole thing to your Yankee neighbors rear bumper, making sure to toss dead animal under the car so it won’t be seen. When the Yankee drives away, they will most likely be stopped by either a cop, a concerned citizen or a member of PETA. Either way, they are going to have lots to talk about.

Find a large number of magazines of every conceivable type and clip every coupon for a catalog, trial product and free information. Fill out the request using your Yankee neighbors address and send them off. Your Northern friend should be deluged with junk mail. With email spam you simply change your email address but with junk mail you have to. Thats right! MOVE.

Here is a good one. Most stores have anti shoplifting systems that normally consist of a little plastic sticker or chip that is adhered to the product being protected. Libraries also have these in books. I have heard of people peeling off the security stickers or chips and then placing them in the clothing or basket of Yankees at the store. When they leave, the security system will go off, which will cause security to stop the Yankee, which in turn annoys the Yankee, which in turn creates a big scene which is common with Yankees. Well, you get the picture.

Here is some scientific information for you. Dry ice mixed with hot water can create tons of fog or smoke. For example, dry ice put in a hot tub will make the tub smoke. Dry ice placed in a bucket of hot water under a car would make smoke come out from under the car. I am going to let you take it from here.

Did you know that you can spell words with Rye Grass seed and it comes up in just a few days. It is also very difficult to remove until summer comes. The words will not be visible until a few days after the rye grass is applied. Makes Yankees very happy.

If your Yankee neighbor goes out of town and happens to have a pool you would not want to siphon the water out with hose. Because that would make them think their pool was leaking.

Be careful not to turn off your neighbors gas in the middle of a very cold night. That would mean that their hot water heater and heat to the house would shut down. They would wake up freezing and madder than a hive full of gay hornets.

Here’s something fun that will make your Yankee or New Englander neighbor feel more at home. On one of those rare nights when it drops into the teens in the south just rig up a hose and aim it right at the roof of your northern neighbors car. By morning the car should be just one big ice cube with no way to get in until it thaws. Make sure to use their water and use an old hose that you don’t mind losing. If you have two yankee neighbors just use the others water and hose. A yankee feud can be quite entertaining.